About us


Radiological Care Services (RCS) is a privately held business entity headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.  What we started initially as a garment cleaning company in 2013 has since evolved into the world’s first, comprehensive X-ray garment solutions provider. RCS provides “One Stop Shopping” for all of your X-ray garment needs.

Our customers appreciate full continuity of care, provided through our full-service model, which includes the following:


Acquiring ringworm from wearing hospital-owned garments while on the job was not a pleasant experience! After years of wearing sweaty, soiled and “less than sanitary” protective X-ray garments in facilities, we began to study and examine the associated infection control risks. As a result, we developed a proprietary, multi-step, cleaning & sanitization system based upon cleaning guidelines provided by the CDC, TJC, HFAP and AORN. Since that time, RCS has evolved into a total solutions company, now providing garment repairs, X-ray scanning services, inventory management services, garment recycling and more.



Early on, we identified there were several infection control and prevention measures in place within facilities today, but X-ray wearables and aprons were generally overlooked. Additionally, many healthcare networks were challenged with how to provide proper care and documentation of their inventories.