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RCS started out as a garment cleaning company. Since that time, we have evolved into a total solutions provider for X-ray garments. In addition to garment cleaning and sanitization services, we are also providing complimentary garment repairs, X-ray garment scanning services, garment disposal/replacement programs, compliance-based, inventory management programs and more.

Early on, we identified there were several infection control and prevention measures in place within facilities today, but X-ray wearables and aprons were generally overlooked. Additionally, many healthcare networks were challenged with how to provide proper care and documentation of their inventories. The RCS Proprietary, Multi-Step Process is a comprehensive program designed to yield measurable before and after results.

Our process

  • Perform Needs Assessment

    Identify Inventory – personally pick up or receive shipped protective X-ray garments.

  • Pre-Service Evaluation

    Evaluate for needed repairs (worn Velcro, torn straps, broken buckles, etc.) Evaluate surface contamination level using our state of the art, ATP swab testing system. X-ray scan the garments to check them for holes, cracks and tears.

  • Garments Serviced

    Our proprietary, multi-step, servicing process is implemented (cleaning & sanitization are two different steps).

  • Post-Service Evaluation

    Confirming the results of our cleaning & sanitization process using our state of the art, ATP swab testing system Attach temporary “Clean Tag Labels” to serviced garments and update RADCOMPLY™ software portal for customer.

  • Wrapping It Up

    X-ray garments are returned to facilities in protective bins and enclosed in an impermeable wrap.

  • Documentation

    We barcode tag each garment and build department-specific inventories in RADCOMPLY™. This is our compliance-driven, custom software platform for your survey/audit needs. We build a living history for you of each garment and thus help you to always be prepared for audit.


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